Champagne Trouillard
.... More than a history, a myth
Lucien Trouillard

Lucien Trouillard

A tireless worker well-versed in the different wine-making phases, he toured the vineyard with his team to do different vine-related work. Cherished for his qualities, Lucien Trouillard became a cellar master.


In 1919, after the war, Lucien Trouillard took over a sales and distribution business. It was with the company "la Sparnacienne Viticole" that he drew 50000 bottles. That was the beginning of the Great History of Champagne Trouillard.

Lucien Trouillard devoted a life of labour and skill so his "House" rhymes with finesse and elegance. The next generations have always maintain his family values and traditions.