Champagne Trouillard
... More a Blend, a Composition

Cuvée du Fondateur

.... Very exceptional, a foundation

Real tribute to Lucien Trouillard, Cuvée du Fondateur is produced in exceptional years only. With a minimum of 4 ageing years, this vintage is a symbol of excellence. It has a beautiful golden light and clear yellow colour; its nose is intense, with a mixture of vanilla and mineral flavours. Made with our best Chardonnays, this vintage will be a feast for your taste buds and dazzle your eyes with it discrete bubbles and very fine foam.

Dosage: 6/7g
Blending: 100% Chardonnay
Gold medal at the 2016 Gilbert and Gaillard competition: 92/100


A Swarovsky strass is added to the cap to take you to a yet more luxury world and to delight plaquomusophiles.

... The essence and rebirth of a single grape variety


Serving suggestions:

This champagne is ideal for aperitif and goes very well with fish-based starters (sushi).



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