Champagne Trouillard
... More a Blend, a Composition

La Cuvée Elexium

... Very light, an epitome of harmony

This vintage combines the strength of Pinot Noir, the flexibility of Meunier and the elegance of Chardonnay to give Elexium its sparkling glow and lightness. Its ageing process gives it nice citrus and white fruit aromas as well as a light golden colour.

... A real Elixir of sensations.

Dosage: 7/8 g
Blending: 50% Chardonnay , 30% Pinot Noir , 20% Pinot Meunier
Gold medal at the 2016 Gilbert and Gaillard competition: 90/100
Gold medal at the 2015 Gilbert and Gaillard competition: 89/100
1 star in the 2015 Hachette Guide
Gold medal at the 2013 World competition in Brussel

Serving suggestions:

Cuvée Elexium can be served from aperitif up to dessert. We recommend, in particular, that you have it with smoked salmon, chicken, white fruits or sorbet.

Available format: half bottles, bottles, magnums, jeroboams and methusalems.

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